I am a visually impaired piano player with a Computing Science degree. In my spare time, I work on apps / hardware that aim to help musicians; generally inspired by my own experiences or requirements. But that doesn't quite explain the Augmented Reality MIDI snowman!

I studied Computing Science at Staffordshire University where for my final year project (in 2008) I developed a J2ME (what mobile phones ran before iPhone / Android!) application to write musical scores and generate MIDI files. I then did a one year Keyboards course at Nexus (a Christian music school in Coventry) where I learned Jazz / Blues / Latin / Gospel, playing in a band and how to treat theory, listening and techniques as aspects that all work together in performance.

Interval Recognition / ear training for Android and J2ME. The Android version has been very well received with many positive reviews and feature requests from users being included in regular updates.

I have also released an updated version of my final year project - a score drawing / midi file viewer for Android and J2ME - both these are certainly functional (albeit very unfinished) but demonstrated to me the potential of mobile app development.

This web based guitar chord drawing tool was developed for a friend but has been useful for other guitarists / teachers too.

When playing keyboard in a band, I often needed to change patch very quickly and didn't have enough customisable buttons on my keyboard to do that - so I bought an Arduino and wrote an Android app - thus creating Arduino Bluetooth MIDI

I welcome any comments / suggestions / feature requests / bug reports for any of my projects.